I would love to call myself a Colorado native but alas, I was born in Phoenix and moved here when I was just over a year old. Although my mom claims it did snow there the day I was born. Maybe that's why my heart sings every time it snows. Not only does it dust the landscape in gorgeous tiny glitters but it makes for a great movie day. 

My passions don't stop at snow. I am an avid animal lover and even thought I would be a veterinarian when I was a kid. My husband and I have a bulldog named Roxie who we adore and the term furbaby can't begin to describe our affection for her.  Roxie recently had to adjust from being an only child, we had our first baby in 2015! They get along and we have no doubts they will be pals. 

Photography has been a obsession of mine since I developed my first film in photography class in high school. I never realized it but looking back I was always the family member who took the photos on vacation, or anytime really. It didn't hit me that this should be a career until much later in life. I attended Missouri Southern State University and received a degree in Kinesiology while also playing soccer for the Women's Varsity soccer team. While that was an amazing life experience I knew Colorado was where I would return. I have been back since 2009!

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