You're getting married! Congrats! I love, love and watching couples come together with all their friends and family around to share in their joy is my fave! I love seeing each couple's little touches they include in their day to make their wedding unique and special to them. I never tire of seeing the way people look at each other on their wedding day. You can see it in their eyes. The excitement, the anticipation of growing old together and all life's adventures together.

Ok let's get down to brass tacks. All that is great - I love weddings and I'm going to take some amazing photos of you -  yada yada but what will this cost you?

Memento Package

6 hours coverage
1 photographer
8x8 Signature linen or leather album
16x20 reclaimed barnwood canvas

Keepsake Package

8 hours coverage
2 photographers
8x8 Luxe linen or leather album
16x20 reclaimed barnwood canvas

Heirloom Package

8 hours coverage
2 photographers
Engagement session + 50 Save The Date cards
10x10 Luxe linen or leather album
20x30 reclaimed barnwood canvas

Ordering your album or canvas is so easy! All you have to do is make your favorites list from your online gallery and I design the album for you. Online album designing tools can be cumbersome and time consuming. Plus, you have to get back to the grind after your wedding am I right? You don't want to sit down in the precious spare time you have and painstakingly make your album. You're off doing newlywed things. That's a total buzzkill on the excitement of receiving your wedding photos! That's why I enjoy doing this for my clients.


I should add these albums and canvases are handmade in the US from professional labs that only service professional photographers with a business ID. They are built to last generations and make stunning additions to your home. When you tell your children and your children's children about your wedding day you can pull out this album or take them to the wall where you still hang this art from your wedding day and SHOW them.

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Have you ever thought of a wedding registry that included your photographer?

Many couples nowadays live together before getting married, or are getting married later in life. They have a garlic press, a full set of dishes and silverware. They don't need a formal set of china. What they do want and need are stunning memories of their wedding day, preserved in physical products that will be passed down generations. As we know sensational photographers do come at a price. Often couples might need some assistance. That is why I offer a photography registry for my clients that would like that feature! It does not cost anything extra to you. Great Aunt Sue can now contribute to your photographer's fee, to a gorgeous handmade leather album for you wedding photos to be printed in, or a beautiful acrylic print, or a variety of other products, rather than a set of china that you will use four times in the next 15 years. Just ask about my registry!

I do only take a limited number of weddings a year to completely dedicate myself to each couple.