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High-end Northern Colorado boutique Portrait Photographer

Hi! I am Elise, the owner and photographer here. I have two kids myself and know how hard it can be to take the time out of my all ready busy day to sit down and print their photos. How many of you parents have 3,547 adorable photos of your child on your iPhone? *raises hand* How many of ALL of your family do you have on your camera roll? Now ones that aren’t blurry? If your hand is still up congrats! But if not, that’s totally normal! And totally WHY people hire me. To be IN their family’s story. Don’t be a stranger in the story of your family. When your kids are having kids of their own, you’ll want something to show for the legacy you built.

You can’t frame your smartphone.

I focus on creating art that you will enjoy in your home for years to come. Let’s get those images off your computer and into your hands.


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Whether you need an engagement session or you just want updated pictures of you and your special someone, I love capturing those relationships. DINKS need updated family photos too!


Being present at a couple’s wedding is such an honor. I love photographing candids throughout the day so that you can truly relive your wedding when you look at your photos.


Nothing can describe the moment you bring home your precious bundle. No matter if this is your first or your seventh, freezing these fleeting moments is just as important each and every time.


These may be the last days you have as just you two before baby arrives. Or it may be your annual family session with your three other children. Whatever it may be, there is nothing quite like the anticipation and excitement a maternity session brings.


Now that your kids are older you realize you need to document their tiny hands or the way they scrunch their nose. Family sessions are so much fun and aren't limited to just little kids. Grown kids welcome!


Our pets bring such joy to our lives. They are there when you get home, when you've had a bad day, or when you've had a good day. They can't speak but their presence speaks volumes. When we have to say goodbye we wish we had something to remember them. You can't have too many images of your furbabies. 


Hello again

I grew up in Loveland. I played collegiate soccer and continue to play in a league in Fort Collins. I have two human children and a furbaby that we spoil. I don't like onions in my food and you don't have to ask me twice if I want dessert. I'd love to get to know you and see what art I can make for your home.


Real Talk

If I’m being honest, if the art that we create at your session is just going to live on Facebook or Instagram and then be forgotten about once the parade of likes are over, then what are we even doing? That may not be your intent, but with the busy lives we lead I can understand how that becomes the reality. My end goal is to have every client leave with heirlooms that will adorn their home for years to come.

W E A R E A L L B U S Y.

Right?! The CEO mom and the work at home mom running a small business, or the stay at home mom. You can barely find time to take family portraits so why burden yourself with the task of deciding where to print them, how to print them. 
After you get the littles to bed all you want to do is Netflix and chill with your spouse or actually go to bed early. Spending another two hours designing an album or fiddling with uploading images on a website to print doesn’t sound appealing. So you put it off and then it just becomes another thing in the nebulous cloud hanging over your head that is your to-do list.

L E T M E H E L P!

This.Is.What.I.Do. I love designing albums and wall art for my clients and love seeing their family enjoy them. 

Truly, who wants to say let’s look at Johnny’s baby photos! As you all hunch over and gather around a tiny smartphone. Print what you want to preserve.


Commission your piece 

Let's get started planning your custom photography session. I will walk you through the process from start to finish and leave you with art to not only enjoy at home, but that is heirloom quality and can be passed down generations.  

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