Cookie Decorating with The Cookie Sheet

I like to take my camera with me to document things besides weddings, newborns, or other people's families. And maybe get some photos of my little ones for once that aren't on my iPhone. Living in Northern Colorado there are a plethora of activities to do on a daily basis. Now that it is summer the Farmer's Markets are in full swing. The Berthoud Farmer's market has one of my favorite vendors there, The Cookie Sheet. They make the most delicious shortbread cookies. They have a cookie decorating table at their booth from time to time. A girlfriend and I decided to take the kids and check it out. The kids had a great time and they got to decorate three cookies each. Of course I ate two of them during nap time because you know, a two year old doesn't need all that sugar, am I right? Have you had their cookies? Let me know what you think!