Your Wedding Photographer is the Least Expensive of all Your Vendors

WHY is your wedding photographer the least expensive of all your vendors?

Your wedding is a very special day. For a lot of people, it only happens once. So why am I saying your wedding photographer is the best deal out of all your vendors? 

All the other vendors provide services that are used on your wedding day. That's it. Yes, you might wear your dress here or there a couple of times in the next 30 years. But basically all the planning and decorations and food will be gone the next day. What's left? Your photographs! For the next 30+ years you will enjoy these time and time again. 

Let's break it down. So you spent (GASP) $5,000 on your wedding photographer even though your mom said that was outrageous. Over 30 (and really we could make this 60 years, yes?) years that's $167/year to have photographs to take you back to that day as if it were yesterday. To pull out your wedding album when your daughter or son gets engaged and reminisce about your wedding day. To laugh and remember the silly wedding dress trends there were when you got married. To flip through the pages and see the smiles, the love. To be IN that moment again. 

Elise TaylorComment