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Most of the time you’re having family photos taken with just you and your immediate family. But when the whole family is in town maybe this is the year you get photos with the whole group! Which I love. I love looking back at photos with my cousins and aunts and uncles and grandparents.

BUT, what do you have everyone wear?? Gone are the days of the all black t shirts and jeans. Everyone else looks so cool and matchy, but not too matchy, right?!? Your bestie just got hers done and their family looks straight out of Pinterest…what!

It’s really not that hard, I promise. Here are some steps.

First, just pick a few colors. Example: Grey, maroon/crimson/red, and mustard. Now everyone picks something in that color group. Say someone wears a grey shirt with a mustard cardigan and jeans. Next person wears a maroon dress with tall boots. Grandpa wears a grey sweater. Grandma wears a maroon sweater with a mustard or grey scarf. See where this is going?

Second, send each other photos of your attire before the shoot if you don’t live nearby. This can be helpful because if your family is wearing a lot of red and so is everyone else, you might want to adjust and throw some other colors in there to balance it out.

If you have small children I know it’s kind of a bummer to buy just one thing for photos that they’ll outgrow in a millisecond or wear just for the photos. I have a client wardrobe where you can borrow pieces of clothing for your shoot! Look into it!

Here are a few families that coordinated their outfits well to give you an example!

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How to coordinate colors for family photos
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