Rose Garden Portrait Session // Longmont Colorado // Longmont Photographer

This family booked a year’s worth of sessions in my special package I release at the beginning of the year. If you’d like to be notified about this promotion join the list here. It goes to my list before being released to the public. It includes a mini session of their children. This was Shannon’s mini session!

I am so glad we were finally able to complete this session after scheduling it for the fourth time because of this crazy Colorado weather we’ve had this Spring/Summer so far. I was excited because all day it was sunny skies and HOT. The minute I got in my car to go to the session - dark skies, high winds, etc. WHAT IS HAPPENING?!

We showed up to the location and it was raining steadily. We gave it 15 minutes and lo and behold the rain stopped just for the photos and then started again when we were done! What luck! There even was a beautiful rainbow. And Shannon took direction SO well for a 10 year-old (honestly even for kids older than her) that we got all the shots in very quickly!

If you are looking for ideas for different locations that aren’t the mountains this rose garden in Longmont is a great option!

Rose garden Longmont Colorado
Longmont Rose Garden

Momma (standing out of frame) got her to giggle for a few photos :)

Rose Garden in Longmont, Colorado
Longmont rose garden