A few years ago we had to put our sweet Remy to rest after she began having seizures from what we can assume was a brain tumor. We tried medication but it only worked for a few days and 10 days after the first seizure my parents made the decision to say goodbye. You can see her gallery here.

It might sound odd but I enjoy Rainbow Bridge sessions. Capturing the last moments with your loved fur family member is so special. Those images will be cherished forever. I had the pleasure of photographing these dogs for Kristin and her daughter Shannon. Although she has seven large dogs and we got photographs of them all, the one at the end is Atlas and they don't know how much time he has left so she wanted to get some pictures with him while he was still in ok shape. 

UPDATE: After I published this I found out that Atlas has crossed over the rainbow bridge just a few short weeks after this session. I am so glad we got these photos of him for his family before he passed.