Benefit of booking large family sessions

Do you have family visiting soon? Often families like to have photos taken while their relatives are in town. I do lots of these types of sessions! They can be especially popular around the holidays - Thanksgiving, Christmas. There are limited days during the holidays so if you want those done contact your photographer NOW. Seriously, August isn't too early to book a session the days surrounding a holiday. It's likely your travel was booked months in advance so can your photo session. However, if family is coming to town this fall that works too!

During these types of sessions we get a variety of groupings of the different family members as you can see below.

However, there is one other benefit to these. The COST. If there are 2+ adult children (the adult children are usually who book these with me) in the family then you can split the cost 2, 3, 4+ ways! You'll still have access to the digital files you can download. And since I also capture each nuclear family on their own it's kind of like getting your family session done too!

Family Photographer in Loveland Colorado