This baby session was so fun! Even though when I checked the clock it had been almost two hours it went by so fast. For reference, most in home newborn sessions take 90 minutes, almost to the second. But every baby is different.

These two were just so sweet with their little babe. Always telling her they loved her as if I wasn’t in the room. And also with each other - sneaking smooches in between shots. It was nice to bask in their family’s love.

Grandma was in town as well and I LOVE including grandparents in some photos! They are always so proud and just as excited as the new parents. This grandma was so helpful, fetching bottles and changing baby when mom and dad went to do their own wardrobe change.

At the end we even tried to get some photos of their first babies - their pups! They were cracking me up and I included one ‘real’ photo of what it’s like trying to get your animals in photos sometimes. Do you include your pets in family photos??