You can’t frame your smartphone.

Hello! So glad you are here. I adore creating art for my clients. What can i CREATE FOR YOU?

The process for an ETP client:

If you are here what you are looking for is a bespokecustom, portrait of your family, your pet(s), your loved ones. These are not items or trinkets that are made by Target and purchased by thousands or millions of customers. These are one of a kind pieces of art that will only go in your home.

These are memories that will warm your heart when you walk down the hall and on the wall you see your daughter's crooked smile that is straight and perfect now, your cherished family pet that passed last summer, or the love that you have with your spouse. These are the albums that you will get out to show your grandson that he looks just like his dad when he was five years old. These are the possessions that your kids will argue over when your time on this earth has gone. 

You most likely spend more on the computer or mobile device you are now reading this on. Maybe even more on a vacation. And definitely more on the car you drive everyday. All of which will have a shorter lifespan and depreciate in value over time. Portraits are the opposite. As time passes they become more valuable. They will also last longer than you or me. Anything built to last for generations will cost more. 

If you are ready to invest in your legacy right now, I'd love to meet with you in person to show you all of the artwork I offer!

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